NYCOA Products

Monofilament NYCOA Nylon 6 and 6/66 Copolymers have gained a wide acceptance in the market for premium performance and ease of processing.

NYCOA Nylon 567, High-Strength Extrusion Grade Nylon 6
NYCOA 567 is a flexible Nylon which offers superior abrasion resistance, ductility, and toughness. This grade has acceptance in diversified fields from high-tenacity fishing line to high-strength grass trimmer line.

In addition, the viscosity of this grade processes easily on all conventional extrusion equipment and gives the correct balance of mechanical properties needed for most monofilament applications.

NYCOA 2061, Nylon Copolymer:
NYCOA 2061 features outstanding toughness and flexibility when compared to conventional grades of Nylon 6. Typical applications include premium grass trimmer line, and high-end fishing line.

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