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With over 50 years of specialty nylon polymerization and manufacturing experience, NYCOA is committed to providing world-class quality products, product development assistance, technical support, and superior service to each and every customer. Our goal is to establish an active partnership with our customers that will enable them to have a competitive advantage in the markets they serve. With our thorough understanding of materials, manufacturing and quality, we pride ourselves in our ability to develop and manufacture unique nylon products to satisfy our customer's most demanding requirements. Tell us about your unique or specialty application — we would like to be your partner and help you turn your concept into reality.


Nylon Corporations of America (NYCOA) is ISO 9001:2000 Certified and a leading manufacturer of engineering grade nylon resins. With a product line as broad as that of the industry's largest competitors, NYCOA has established a solid market niche in specialty nylons. In addition to an extensive line of standard and custom nylon 6 grades, NYCOA manufactures numerous specialty nylon grades including plasticized grades, glass reinforced, flame retardant, as well as the capability to polymerize many unique nylon copolymers, terpolymers, and custom nylon alloys.

NYCOA has established a strong market presence and built a diverse customer base in virtually every nylon market. NYCOA nylons are used for a variety of molding and extrusion applications. For example, NYCOA nylons are used in several different market segments including automotive, film, appliance, wire and cable, monofilament, industrial/machinery, and electrical/electronics.

NYCOA's strength is in its versatile engineering, polymerization, and manufacturing capability, which enables its highly experienced staff to respond quickly and effectively to specific customer requirements. NYCOA's combination of Continuous and Batch polymerization capacity provides the necessary flexibility to produce large volume orders, as well as offer an extensive line of specialty nylon products, which satisfy the specific application needs of individual, smaller volume customers.

In addition, NYCOA's research and development staff works closely with customers to provide technical assistance, develop new product applications, and ensure product quality.

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