Whether your goal is improved strength, chemical resistance, flexibility, or cost savings, with NYCOA as your partner, the possibilities are endless.
NYCOA offers several nylons that are approved by Underwriters Laboratories for use in wire and cable jacketing enabling client to achieve some of the fastest line speeds possible.
Our copolymer and compounding capabilities allow us to create products that offer high flexibility and superior impact strength for a variety of applications
Our lawn and garden grades have proven to offer our clients the highest quality, most consistent, and cost effective products in the market.
NYCOA nylons have successfully met the rigorous quality requirements for the automotive industry in a variety of applications including reservoir bottles, valve covers, flexible tubing, and door clips.

Nylon Corporation of America

Nylon Corporations of America (NYCOA) is ISO 9001:2008 Certified and a leading manufacturer of engineering grade nylon resins. With a product line as broad as that of the industry's largest competitors, NYCOA has established a solid market niche in specialty nylons. In addition to an extensive line of standard and custom nylon 6 grades, NYCOA manufactures numerous specialty nylon grades including plasticized grades, glass reinforced, flame retardant, as well as the capability to polymerize many unique nylon copolymers, terpolymers, and custom nylon alloys.

NYCOA Products


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Manchester, NH (October 29, 2013) -The father-daughter team of Sunil and Monica Kumar has acquired Nylon Corporation of America (NYCOA),pledging to serve as on-site managers and grow the business Read More...

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